About ME
I live in East Grinstead, near London, UK.
I’m a pro commercial photographer and filmmaker. I’ve been magazine published (including front cover images) and my work has been aired on TV.
As a photographer I go by Nitsan Simantov Photography but my video production name is Nitsan Pictures. (Not to be confused with NitsanTV, which is my new show.)

About this blog
Most of my projects, especially when I first started, have been either low-budget or no-budget productions so I spent a lot of time learning how to handle so many problems with simple DIY solutions.
I’ve been wanting to share my expertise on these things for a long time.

About NitsanTV
NitsanTV is my way of sharing my knowledge with you guys and having some fun in the process.
NitsanTV will teach DIY and super-affordable gear as well as tips and tutorials on video production in general.
Check out the episode list and comment on what you’d like to see next.

I always reply to questions so please do comment with your questions, ideas, opinions and feedback!

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